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Helen uses a combination of advanced diagnostic technology to record and recognise any changes in the structure and function of the eye. These help your consultant to diagnose and treat eye diseases early to prevent irreversible loss of vision.

Visual fields provide a functional assessment of your peripheral vision and visual pathway from the retinal nerves at the back of the eye to the brain. The Humphrey Field Analyser maps out, plots and analyses less sensitive and blank areas of your field of vision to detect any damage to the retina or brain. visual fields are useful in glaucoma, retinal disease and brain problems. Helen interprets the results and detects any progressive changes and reports them to you and your consultant.  

OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) uses the latest scanning technology to provide exceptional cross section images of the structure of the optic nerve, macula and retina at the back of the eye. The detailed scans and statistical analysis make it possible to detect early signs of structural damage before vision is lost, and identify any progressive changes of eye disease such as glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration. Measurements of the thickness of the cornea, at front of the eyeball, provide a more accurate interpretation of the pressure inside the eye, as a thin cornea underestimates the pressure reading and is a risk factor for glaucoma.

Retinal photography records the appearance of the inside of the eye.

One stop glaucoma clinics with specialist consultant Mr Petros Andreou in Chelmsford.

This is a specialist consultant led service using the latest diagnostic technology to detect and treat people with glaucoma to prevent glaucoma blindness. By identifying the earliest signs of any changes in the structure and function of the retinal nerve fibres, Mr Andreou provides the most effective treatment to minimise vision loss. Treatment is by eye drops, tablets, laser light beam or using the latest specialist techniques in glaucoma surgery. He receives referrals for second opinions from Essex and beyond, including internationally. Eye drops may be used to dilate your pupils; they will temporarily affect your vision for 2-4 hours. You are advised not to drive immediately afterwards.

One stop glaucoma clinics are held at the Riverside Hospital with Topcon OCT, Retinal Photography and visual fields, and at Springfield Hospital with Zeiss OCT and visual fields. Please book a separate consultation with Helen Collett for glaucoma diagnostics prior to seeing Mr Petros Andreou.

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Orthoptic treatment has cured my symptoms of eyestrain - and helped me to read the computer screen and spreadsheets more clearly..


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