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Diagnostic Orthoptic Assessment and Treatment for Adults

Your consultant will refer you to Helen for a complex diagnostic orthoptic assessment and treatment.

You will need to book an extended appointment time as your initial consultation can take up to an hour. Helen takes a detailed history of your signs and symptoms to compile a complex orthoptic assessment of your vision. She assesses neurological systems of how the eyes see, move and work together as a pair. And measures the angle of squint at different distances and positions of gaze, and plots a Hess Chart. Photographs of the position of the eyes are taken with your signed consent. Helen uses an encrypted tablet to store and update results and gives you and your consultant a personalised orthoptic report and treatment plan. We may recommend further tests to establish the cause of your eye condition, to reach a diagnosis and update your treatment plan.

The aim of treatment is to improve the binocular coordination and alignment of the eyes and to enhance the appearance of longstanding squint. Treatment may be a combination of glasses, prism therapy, exercises, Botox therapy or squint surgery.

Orthoptic exercises improve the coordination of the eyes and improve symptoms of eye strain, headaches, blurry and double vision.

Temporary prisms applied to the lens of glasses join double vision and enable the eyes to work together as a pair. They are updated if the squint changes and can be used to simulate the effect of squint surgery.

The images below show an example of left contingent squint, with double vision the patient was treated with the application of prisms applied to glasses...

''Thank you for giving me my life back by joining my double vision''  - patient

Orthoptic measurements evaluate the progress of treatment and help to determine if squint surgery is required. In my experience, improved eyesight and stereovision enhances hand-eye and general coordination, and can improve the ability to play sport such as football, golf and tennis and perform fine close tasks such as reading, sewing and model making.

Specialist one stop squint and ocular motility clinic Helen works with the consultant ophthalmologist Mr Madhav Vempali to provide specialist squint clinics at Rivers hospital. Mr Vempali is an expert in complex surgery and Botox therapy, receiving referrals and requests for second opinions from throughout Essex, Hertfordshire and Europe. Helen and Mr Vempali have developed and presented their recommendations for the care and treatment of sudden onset squint, which ave been adopted at international level.

Medico legal orthoptic reports
Helen is regularly commissioned to provide medico legal orthoptic reports by special arrangement.

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Orthoptic treatment has cured my symptoms of eyestrain - and helped me to read the computer screen and spreadsheets more clearly..


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