Pinehill Hospital


Pinehill Hospital                        Tel 01462 422822
Benslow Lane                 
Hertfordshire SG4 9QZ


Helen provides orthoptic eye care support with the paediatric and ocular motility specialist Consultant Ophthalmologists.

Specialist Diagnostic Glaucoma Service
  - Specialist Ocular Motility and Paediatric Ophthalmic Service
  - Paediatric Eye Care including squint and visual assessment
  - Adult Eye Care; including Squint, eye muscle co-ordination, eye strain, double or blurred vision


Clinics alongside Mr Timothy Coker:
  - 4th Monday afternoon of the month
Clinics alongside Mr Stephen Campbell:
  - alternate 4th Tuesday morning of the month


All appointments require a referral letter from your Ophthalmologist, GP, Optometrist (Optician) or Orthoptist.

Please call Pinehill Hospital appointments desk on 01462 422822 to book your appointment.
Please book a separate appointment for diagnostics with Helen Collett prior to your consultation with the Consultant Ophthalmologist.