Fees & How to Pay

Payment Information

Helen Collett is recognised by all the major insurance companies.

Separate hospital facility fees may apply.

For all billing enquiries

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Professional consultation charges

Initial orthoptic consultation £150

Follow up orthoptic consultation £100-£125

Initial glaucoma diagnostic consultation £150

Regular follow up consultation £100

Annual follow up consultation £120

Visual fields £70-£130

OCT £70-£150

Non-attendance/ late cancellation fee £20

Fresnel prism fee   £25

Plano glasses fee   £25

Hess chart   £50




There are separate invoices with Helen Collett Eye Care Ltd and your consultant ophthalmologist. Additional Ramsay hospital facility fees may apply for the use of visual field analyser; Hess chart and OCT equipment. The Rivers hospital and the Chelmsford day hospital offer inclusive billing packages.