Helen is keen to learn and share her clinical practice; she regularly presents at professional conferences including the latest International Orthoptic Congress in June 2016.

What some professionals have had to say:

"Presentation was excellent"

  - General Practitioner

"Your talk was the best of the BIPOSA conference, and will make a practical difference for our patients"

  - Head Orthoptist

"Thought provoking presentation, that promoted plenty of discussion across the continents"

  - At Great Ormond Street Hospital - American Professor of Paediatric Ophthalmology

What some of patients have had to say:

"We can’t thank you enough, it is amazing how simple exercises have helped my son’s football game to improve. He is doing very well in reading and now able to read for longer without the eyes getting tired."

  - Mother of 9 year old patient

"Must just let you know it was so good to be able to view individuals at a stage show last evening."

  - Text from 86 year old patient


"A different child since wearing glasses, he is more confident and less clumsy. We don’t see the squint."

  - Parent of child attending specialist paediatric clinic with Helen and Mr Vempali


"My eyes look good with glasses."

  - Patient


"We like to see Helen, she gives us stickers"

  - Brothers


"Orthoptic treatment has cured my symptoms of eyestrain - and helped me to read the computer screen and spreadsheets more clearly..."

  - Accountant

"Thank you for your kindness and care to the two old dodderers, today."

"Thank you, Helen. We do appreciate all the help you have given us. We are lucky to have two brilliant people looking after us."

  - Lovely couple wrote postcards after attending our specialist glaucoma clinic with Mr Andreou.

"I now feel much more informed about my condition. Many thanks."

  - Patient

"Thank you, so very much for your help, understanding and sympathetic handling of my husband’s problem, and once again for your kindness."

  - Wife of patient with glaucoma